11 January 2018

Here’s What We’re Buzzing About Around The CertaPro Office This Month

Here’s what we’re buzzing about around the CertaPro office this month… Our friend Rob Kania understands kids as much as he understands money.  Share with your family the speech he gave to Duxbury High School seniors last month. Get in touch with Rob at his company Laurentide Advisory in Hingham.     Capture those crazy family stories by setting yourRead the full article

28 November 2017

These Meaningful Ideas Cost Absolutely Nothing

These meaningful ideas cost absolutely nothing. Heirloom gift:  Snap a picture of your family recipes.  Bonus points if they’re handwritten and food-splattered. Old school:  Print them out into a 3-ring binder. Contemporary:  Upload them to the cloud and share the link. (Example – my mother-in-law’s tabouli recipe) Keep the peace over the last piece of pie. And saveRead the full article

08 November 2017

Here’s a Morsel of Fun For November

Give thanks: Text, post or tweet a mentor and let them know the impact they had on you. Very little effort for a huge impact.       I can’t believe how much I love having “almost-boiling” water on hand. It’s obviously great for hot drinks but is also fantastic for cleaning and getting dinnerRead the full article

05 October 2017

Now that it’s October, check out what we’re talking about around our office.

Now that it’s October, check out what we’re talking about around our office. Lou’s trick:  To test the steam-clearing and mold preventing power of your bathroom fan, hold up a square of toilet paper to it.  If the fan has enough suction to hold the paper, it’s fine. If you need to replace yours, chooseRead the full article

14 September 2017

Our Bucket List

    It’s September (the “other January”).  Take a look at 8 things we think you’ll love: If you have laces that are always coming untied, and consider Velcro too babyish…try Zubits. I use them on my sneakers to lock my laces with crazy-strong magnets. Gutsy but effective.  (As much as I love this, I’d never be braveRead the full article

25 July 2017

Check out our Bucket List monthly newsletter archive!

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04 March 2017

Our ‘Masters of the South Shore’ List

Service Providers You Can Trust We know that finding reliable, dependable, and trustworthy contractors and services providers can be difficult. The list below represents businesses who we have found provide the high level of customer care and quality services we ourselves strive to provide. Please let them know we recommended them. Appliance repair:  Mulligan ApplianceRead the full article