03 July 2018

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting your outdated kitchen cabinets can give them a fresh and modern look. While it’s tempting to rush through the process, taking the time to follow the steps below will help ensure that your cabinets will look professionally painted. Here is the process we follow when we paint kitchen cabinets. Where possible, we’ve linked to the exact productsRead the full article

20 June 2018

CertaPro Painters’ bucket list for June

Here’s a morsel of fun for this June Thursday… Lots of people ask us how to best paint their kitchen cabinets. If you’re thinking of doing it yourself, download our PDF with step-by-step instructions. And don’t forget to label which door is which – it’ll make it a lot easier when you’re re-installing them.   OfRead the full article

02 May 2018

CertaPro Painters’ Bucket List for May

We’re talking all things tech in May at CertaPro South Shore / Boston… All you need to know about how great this is at controlling our teens’ screen time is this: Our kids hate it. Before you buy one though, make sure you have a compatible router.     Your future-self will love reading these… Print out yourRead the full article

27 April 2018

We were featured on the FitSmallBusiness.com blog!

We were recently featured in a FitSmallBusiness.com blog post about email etiquette tips. Check out what our very own Paige NeJame had to say: “It’s always important to look professional, but in the contracting business, a very professional demeanor in email stands out from the contractors that still write their quotes on the back ofRead the full article

18 April 2018

CertaPro Painters’ Bucket List for Mid-April

As Spring creeps here slowly, here’s what we’re talking about CertaPro Painters right now. Our carpenters swear by these.       In general, the fastest checkout line is the one with the fewest people in it. Here’s why: According to math teacher Dan Meyer, adding one person to a checkout line adds an extra 48Read the full article

27 March 2018

CertaPro Painters’ Bucket List for April

Here’s what we’re talking about at CertaPro this month… Paige’s favorite April Fool’s Day prank: -Eat a snack size bag of Cheez Doodles – yum! -Refill the empty the bag with baby carrots. -Reseal bag with a glue stick. -Put in your kids’ lunches.           Phones are a great servants, butRead the full article

13 March 2018

It’s March already! Here’s what we’re talking about at CertaPro this month…

It’s March already!  Here’s what we’re talking about at CertaPro this month… Donuts go uneaten in our office, so we try to have healthy snacks around instead. In our office fridge, we flip over our glass “Tupperware” so the veggies and cheese can be seen through the glass top.     Did you know emails shouldRead the full article

15 February 2018

Here’s what we’re talking about around CertaPro in February…

Here’s what we’re talking about around CertaPro this month… My friend Andrew, gave me this tip: Freeze your water bottle before heading to the the airport and it will pass right through TSA screening.     Our carpenters taught me this: Spread some Elmer’s Glue over a splinter.  Once it’s dry, peel it off and voila, theRead the full article

11 January 2018

Here’s What We’re Buzzing About Around The CertaPro Office This Month

Here’s what we’re buzzing about around the CertaPro office this month… Our friend Rob Kania understands kids as much as he understands money.  Share with your family the speech he gave to Duxbury High School seniors last month. Get in touch with Rob at his company Laurentide Advisory in Hingham.     Capture those crazy family stories by setting yourRead the full article