CertaPro Painters’ bucket list for August

Our Bucket List

Quote we’re pondering at CertaPro Boston this month:

“August is the Sunday of summer.”

travel hacksSome great travel hacks – our favorites:

[  ] Pre-order groceries for pick up at your destination.

[  ] Bring a power strip or one of these for your devices.

[  ] Traveling with pets?  PetSmart has clean, public bathrooms so Fluffy doesn’t have to stay in a hot car.

[  ] Magically un-wrinkle your clothes with this.

[  ] Schedule a grocery delivery for the day you arrive home.


Unequal shirtWorry a little less this sports season:

Fortify your kids’ uniforms with military-grade protective gear from Unequal.



painter's tapePainter’s tape is great for dorms:

1.  Sticky side toward the wall.
2.  Hot glue poster to the top of the tape.
3.  Peel off in the springtime.






Send us your ideas.

Happy August,



Paige and Louis NeJame

CertaPro Painters