CertaPro Painters’ bucket list for December

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Christmas snacksHave to bring a healthy snack to the kindergarten holiday party?

these and these.

Or if you’re feeling Grinch-y,

potato peeling trickOnce you see this potato peeling hack, you’ll offer to bring the mashed potatoes to every potluck.




resolutionsA few of us here at CertaPro South Shore set one-word new year’s resolutions last year.   Some of our words included:

  • “Delegate”
  • “Less”
  • “Lighten-up” (not one word, but hey, we were trying to lighten up!)


windshield hazeWe sent this text to our painters – a great reminder for all of us.

The sun is really bright this morning.  Please clean the inside of the van’s windshield so it’s not hazy when the sun hits it.”

Here’s the “why” behind the “haze” on the inside of your windshield.

The cloudiness is more obvious this time of year because of the sun’s position during the morning and evening commutes.

seats with storageOur carpenters built seating for 12 people with storage underneath, at the Macaulays.

What can we paint or build for you before your holiday party?

(Yes, we can get it done in a hurry!)


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