CertaPro Painters’ bucket list for November

Our Bucket List


Enjoy a quick break this Thursday morning.

We loved this movie.Movie recommendation







How to store paintEasiest way to store your excess paint:
  1. Pour off your excess paint into a mason jar & label it.
  2. Dry your empty gallons in the sunlight.
  3. Dried paint is not hazardous and can be recycled with metals in most South Shore towns.




Our carpenters let their kids borrow their ear protection to drown out sounds during homework time.hearing protection




dessertThanksgiving speed round:

-Use your microwave to store cakes and pies.

-Cut the entire breast off the turkey & then slice it against the grain.

-Make your home smell like Williams-Sonoma.

-Keep toddlers entertained.

Yes, we can still paint and install moulding before Thanksgiving!




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Paige and Louis NeJame

CertaPro Painters