CertaPro Painters’ bucket list for September

Our Bucket List


Home remediesThese unconventional remedies seem to work for us:

Sleep stories tame your “monkey-mind” and bore you into slumber.

Take zinc at the first sign of a cold, to cut the cold in half, and dab hydrogen peroxide on canker sores to cure them by morning.

Back pain?  Check out to work of Dr. John Sarno.  His theory has helped a few of us feel much better.


Paint samples (large)Did you know we can order you (free) large paint samples from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore?

Just email us your colors and we’ll mail them to you (again, free!).




Office paintingYes, we paint offices (and warehouses and condominiums).  Here’s a project we just completed at Cohasset Radiology




Send us your ideas.

Happy September,



Paige and Louis NeJame

CertaPro Painters